"orderer": {
     "firstName": "Firstname",
     "lastName": "Lastname",
     "emailAddress": "my.name@mydomain.com",
     "phone": "+358301234567",
  "address": {
     "address": "Street address",
     "address2": "extended street address",
     "postalArea": "Stockholm",
     "postalCode": "01234",
     "countryIso2": "SE"
  "products": [
      "product": "matt-poster",
      "size": "50x70",
      "amount": 1,
      "pdf": "https://static.printmotor.com/plain-500x700.pdf"

Welcome to the Printmotor API!

Welcome to Printmotor API - a simple RESTful API for your on-demand needs. You can check out our documentation or create a new account to get started.

If you have a question about the API that can't be found in the documentation, our Customer Help team is happy to help!

Quick Start

  • Sign up and use the test or production credentals to authenticate with Printmotor

    Create a Printmotor account here. On-demand products are billed based on orders monthly basis. No other costs! When you first sign up, your account will be in test mode until Printmotor verifies your account. You'll receive test credentials immediately after registration and you're able to start integration!

  • Set up the JSON for your order

    Here's an example of a basic order post request. There are three required fields that an order needs. The orderer, address details and the products that were ordered.

  • Send the order!

    Printmotor API works as a RESTful API in https://api.printmotor.com. It needs a single HTTPS POST for a on-demand order!

  • Printmotor support is happy to help!

    When in doubt - feel free to contact us in support@printmotor.com or by chat. We're always happy to help!


With Printmotor API all billing is done postpaid: Printmotor will send a bill to you on a monthly basis. Each user order that's sent to Printmotor with production credentials will automatically go into production, and delivered to the customer.

When you agree to terms of the service you agree that each request will actually get printed and shipped to customer.

There are no fixed monthly costs what so ever - only products that are printed and shipped will be charged!

Customization ... and a lot more

By default the API receives print ready file references, but Printmotor supports also much more - if you have something in your mind, please feel free to contact us!

We can e.g. setup a predefined layout for you, and you'd only send dynamic part to us with the request. For example if a T-shirt print you're thinking of would have a dynamic text, Printmotor already supports a model where print file is once defined in Printmotor, and you'd send just the changing text with your API call. Printmotor would then create dynamic print ready content for you, without any extra charge of course!

Printmotor also provides customization for your shipment; a highend black tube, or your brand in a tube sticker and so on. Feel free to ask for more!